Types of CBD Products and Their Use Cases

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are among the reasons why this compound, derived from the cannabis plant, is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Considering that many health issues are triggered by inflammation, it is easy to see how CBD can help with a wide range of health problems.

Consuming CBD is also easier than ever. For starters, CBD is now legal in the UK and most parts of the United States; other countries are classifying CBD as a non-psychoactive substance, so it is safe and legal to use in most parts of the world. There are also more forms and products that contain CBD as the primary ingredient.
So, which product should you use? One of the first things you need to do before you can benefit from the consumption of CBD is choosing the right product to use, particularly the type of CBD product that suits you best.

Tinctures and Oils

CBD extract or concentrate is the most common form on the market. As expected, this type of CBD products come in oil or liquid form. Since the oil is extracted directly from cannabis plant, you can expect it to contain a higher concentration of CBD.

Some brands start to add additional ingredients and additives to amplify the benefits of their products further. Adding ingredients like mint and tea tree allows the CBD oil to deliver benefits such as detox and more nutrients.
CBD oil can be consumed orally. For the best results, take drops of CBD oil under the tongue. You can drink a lot of water afterwards or turn to ginger tea if you feel nauseated after using CBD. The area under the tongue absorbs CBD oil effectively.

CBD Topicals

Topicals are also among the most popular CBD products on the market for good reasons. For starters, CBD topicals are easy to apply. They also produce near-instant results, especially when used to treat pain and other symptoms.
This past year, there is a growing number of beauty products that contain CBD. They too are classified as CBD topicals; they are designed to treat the skin and skin-related problems, including acne and skin irritation.
Topicals can be applied to any part of the body, particularly areas affected by pain or other symptoms. You only need to apply a thin layer of CBD cream or balm to benefit from this compound. Within minutes, the pain you experience will go away.

CBD Supplements

Oral consumption of CBD is now more accessible thanks to CBD supplements. If you don’t want to use CBD oil with high concentration of cannabidiol, you can turn to tablets or capsules that contain CBD and other ingredients.
These supplements are meant for general use. They still carry CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and added benefits, but they are not as fast-acting as CBD oil. Consuming CBD supplements on a regular basis also brings added benefits to the table.

Your body metabolism rate will be improved, along with the body’s ability to regenerate and recover. When consumed regularly, CBD supplements also help with improving your sleep pattern and fighting off stress or anxiety.

Other Products Containing CBD

We’ve discussed the growing number of CBD beauty products in the previous part. CBD’s natural traits make it perfect as a treatment for your skin. Serums, foundations, and even lipsticks that contain CBD are not only more common on the market, but also more affordable.

At the same time, there are now more products that use CBD as a way to deliver more benefits to their users. CBD-infused water is now a thing; they come in bottles and contain nano CBD particles. Interestingly, they still taste like water and refreshes the body just as effectively.

Food items that contain – or infused with – CBD are also easy to find on the market. CBD chewing gums, CBD cookies, and even cooking oil with added cannabidiol as an additive are also gaining traction as the products of choice on the market.

These new products are clear signs of more CBD-based products in the near future. They certainly make consuming CBD a lot easier. With the CBD-infused cooking oil, for example, you can cook your regular meals and still benefit from CBD.

Using CBD Products

Choosing the right CBD products to use is a matter of understanding the symptoms you experience and finding the best treatment for them. When dealing with repetitive pain, a combination of CBD cream and supplement will produce the best results. For sleeping disorder, on the other hand, regular consumption of CBD supplements is highly recommended.

The more you know about the products to choose from, the better you will be at determining the right ones to get. Take your time, review the different types of CBD products we covered in this article, and begin your search for the right products to use. Don’t forget to compare products and read reviews before finalizing your purchase decision.