Shortbread Biscuits

Biscuits are a must-have!

It’s common for tea and cookies to be offered at these events. The first English tea was produced by the British East India Company in the middle of the 18th century. It gained a household name in the United States and Europe pretty rapidly. 

Just a few of the many types of biscuits produced in England today include shortbread cookies, ginger snaps, gingersnaps, vanilla wafers, coconut macarons, and meringue cookies (meringues) 

Cookies from England are renowned over the globe, yet they are referred to by various names in different countries. Biscuits are what they’re known as in the United States. In the UK, these treats are referred to as “cookies” or “biscuits.” It’s easy to see the difference in texture and thickness between these two types of cookies. Because they contain less fat, biscuits tend to be thinner and crisper than cookies. Frozen food aisles in most shops should have them on hand. Because they include more oil and less wheat, cookies are softer than biscuits. 

Here are our top picks: 

Rich Tea Biscuits

The British love Rich Tea biscuits. Huntley & Palmers created it in 1898. It was largely wholemeal, wheat, and sugar. These days, butter and whole wheat are common ingredients in food preparation.

Muffins with a jaffa flavour 

Two Jaffa Cake spheres are sandwiched between orange jelly and dark chocolate. The McVitie & Price plant in Edinburgh was located on Scotland Street in 1926. The biblical city of Jaffa, in Israel, is the inspiration for the name “Jaffa.” 

Cream-filled pastries

Afternoon tea is a great time to indulge in rich cream-filled pastries. It is possible to eat them for breakfast or supper if you combine them with coffee or chocolate. 


Shortbread cookies are another hot beverage-friendly treat. Buttery, crumbly cookies. You may serve it alone or add nuts and dried fruit. 

Ginger nuts

Giner nuts are made using ginger root and are packed with flavors. They feature nutmeg and cinnamon tastes and they’re absolutely great with coffee, tea,  and of course, chocolate. We especially love them to soothe a full stomach.

 Custard Cream 

This golden, spongy biscuit has a taste that is reminiscent of vanilla custard, and it is its defining feature! They make for the perfect complement to anything sweet like a bar of chocolate or a steaming mug of coffee. These Mini Custard Cream Bites have been created just for those of you who are fans of custard cream.

Don’t just eat your biscuits at home. Taking your biscuits on a luxury picnic is a great way to enjoy them. Bring picnic blankets and flower arrangements for an English-themed lunch picnic and invite your loved ones over while enjoying the moment. Or you can simply reach out to a luxury picnic set up company, and have them treat you like royalty!

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