Windsor castle

Activities You Can’t Miss When You’re in Windsor

There are many family-friendly activities available in Windsor, a well-liked tourist destination. Here are some must-do things for you and your family to enjoy while you’re here

Windsor Castle

You and your family will undoubtedly have a fantastic day visiting Windsor Castle, one of the most well-known tourist destinations in England. A little history: William the Conqueror erected the Windsor Castle in 1066, although it has since been restored several times. Visit the State Apartments while you’re there to view Queen Victoria’s actual bedroom, boudoir, and dressing room. A fantastic delight for history enthusiasts. King George III’s dining room and bedroom are also visible.

Visit Windsor Castle’s gardens, which have been meticulously maintained since 1670 and include year-round blooms and lush greenery. In 1215, Henry III erected St. George’s Chapel as a final resting place for himself and his family. 

The Royal Borough Museum & Art Gallery is a must-see. 

Why not visit the museum to learn more about this historic town? Anything might be uncovered here, including relics from ancient Egypt and other nations. After you’ve performed your historical obligation, it’s time to provide the kids an experience they’ll never forget:

Go to Legoland Windsor. 

This is a popular attraction in the UK for families with little children. Over 40 rides, performances, and attractions are available in the park, including Miniland, which displays LEGO replicas of renowned locations such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. You may also participate in activities like driving a vehicle and flying helicopters! 

Take a trip along the Thames. 

Taking a Thames river excursion from Windsor Riverside pier is one of the greatest ways to view Windsor from the water. You have the option of taking an afternoon tea cruise or a supper cruise!

There is so much to see and do with your family!

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