$1,000 Wedding on a Budget

Marriage is expensive. Spending money isn’t the most essential thing, though. Who you spend your life with matters most. If you can spend $1,000 on the ceremony and reception, we have some innovative suggestions.

List attendees.
For a wedding under $1,000, invite fewer guests. Food and venue costs climb with attendee count. Only invite essential individuals to your celebration.

We’ll invite 100 folks so we can plan ahead. We offer more expensive solutions if you can save in certain areas and spend elsewhere.

Wedding venue selection.
Your own backyard may be a low-cost event venue. Or family or friend’s backyards. Consider having your wedding at your favorite spots.

Taking public transportation saves money. Consider a beach or park. You may pay a nominal rental or site charge, although these fees vary by city. Ask your local park board about required permissions and fees. Depending on the park, admission costs $50 to $200.

Costs range from $100 to several thousand dollars based on church size and location. If you or a family member joins a specific religion, you may be able to be married cheaply or for free. College chapels are lovely and inexpensive sites to rent.

Find an official.
Even a little ceremony needs a leader. Start thinking about someone to ordain online (it’s free!) to save money immediately. Depending on the service, a skilled expert can do the ceremony for $200 to $400.

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